Title : Be The Man Of Action

In the autobiography of Edhi Saab I am getting more interested as I am moving forward to read. As the lessons in this book are so much interlinked in an inspirational and logical way that it can inspire any simple person who has a soul only.

I would not be wrong in saying that I can reflect a thousand words of articles on each single line of this book. But considering the time and space I have to be limited in writing and giving a perfect and blushing cover to the first few pages.

Beside the basic principles of respected sir Edhi in making Edhi trust, the quotes that are said by Quaid e Azam in separating the Muslims and Hindus , the most impressing quote is that of Edhi Saab’s father mentioned in chapter two who said that” The strength of words is in implementation other wise they are just meaningless” and be a man of words. From being child Edhi Saab told his friends that he would work for humanity and the needy people wherever and who they will be. But these were the teachings of his parents that Mede him a man of actions rather than a man of words only. In the light of Edhi Saab principles and the basic four principles of AMAL that are Amal, Khuddi, Kaam Kaam aur Kaam and Sabre Jameel, the dots of Sir Stieve Jobs and the philosophical principles of employment test of 1940s I wanted to cover my #juststarproject .

Being a normal human I also suffered so many troubles in my life, but the real trouble when comes it makes your brain numb for thinking. Same was my feeling when I first got admission in BS degree in Information Technology in UMT, and my trouble was not having so much interest in this field just because it has much courses of programming languages like c++,Java , C sharp, OOP and many more like that.

During my first semesters I really faced a difficult time to handle with them , I told my all teachers and fellows to help me out from this trouble and I found them all very helpful and available. But then I tried to be the man of action rather only depending on others and getting a bulk of help from others is not the way to achieve your personal goal.

I started coding and programming my self, I cleared the code from all the bugs my self, this activity lasted for the hours to days and then to months but I never stopped and kept crippling like tortoise and I tried my self to get interested in the program as this has a good scope and lots of vacancies in near future.

At the present time I am in the 8th semester of my 4 year degree which is really a big achievement for me and my whole family. This would not be simply possible without doing Kaam Kaam aur Kaam for learning the programming languages which was followed Preceded by Amal and Khuddi.

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