Using Python To Find When To Buy And Sell Stocks

We can generate passive income by investing in stock markets. However, it is important to buy a stock at the right time. The right time is usually when the price of a stock is low and sell the stock when its price is high.

This article will explain how technical indicators can help us time the buying or selling of a stock better.

Having said that, it’s important to note that no one can absolutely time the market. This is because the market is dynamic in nature that is dependent on an infinite number of factors. …

Explaining Stock Trading Fundamental Analysis Ratios And Retrieving Them Using Python

Passive income can be generated by investing in stock markets. The number of private retail investors has increased recently, probably due to the fact that work from home is a norm nowadays and nearly everyone has access to the internet/news.

Before we invest our money in a company and buy its stock, we need to perform the required due diligence. There is no guarantee that we will make money and some investors lose some if not all, of their investments hence it is wise not to invest in a company that is going to go bust or that is overvalued…

20 Must-Follow Guidelines For Python Developers

The article contains a compiled list of 20 guidelines that all Python coders should attempt to follow.

Each guideline is further supported with a suitable code snippet.

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1. Use f-strings over C-style and str.format strings

blog_number = 1
my_blog = f'This is my blog number: {blog_number}'
This will return This is my blog number: 1

2. Specify encoding when reading text from external sources

import io
file ="my_file", mode="r", encoding="utf-8")

3. Use a with or try/finally statement to ensure the local resource is cleaned up promptly and reliably after use.

file = open('my_file', 'w')try:
file.write('this is a fintechexplained blog')
# using with statement
with open('my_file', 'w') as file:
file.write('this is a fintechexplained blog')

4. Derive exceptions from Exception rather than BaseException.

class MyNewException(Exception):
raise MyNewException

5. For all try/except clauses, limit the try clause to the absolute minimum amount of code.

#critical code section
except ValueError as err:
#handle error

6. Be consistent in return statements —Either all reachable return expressions of the function should return a statement or the function should always return None for all branches of the function.

def get_result(input): if input…

Understanding Must-Know Front Office Trading Lingo, Stock Market, Trades, Bonds, Shares, Bid-Ask Spread

This article is written for the readers who want to understand the terminology that is used in the trading world.

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Article Aim

My aim is to explain the most common phrases and trading terminology in this article.

The goal is to explain each term in a way that can prepare us for the subsequent terms in the article.

This article provides a high-level overview of the trading keywords. My aim is to keep the article simple and straight-forward.

I will explain the terms with questions and answers.

1. Is the stock market bullish or bearish today?

Let’s start with the first key terms: stock market, bullish and bearish.

  • The stock market…

The Must-Know Python 3.9 Features

The latest Python 3.9.0 final version is out on the Monday, 2020–10–05

Just like most of the Python fans, I am super excited to explore and use the latest features. This article will provide an overview of the must-know features of Python 3.9.

This is again an exciting time for the Python programmers.

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Image By Author

I read through the Python 3.9 release notes and the associated discussions. Based on the information, I wanted to write a comprehensive guide so everyone can get a glimpse of the features along with their detailed workings.

Before I begin, I have to say, I am very…

Guidelines & Idioms When Using Multiple Processes In Python

One of the quickest and safest techniques to scale up the application is to launch multiple Python processes in an application. This also helps us by-pass the famous GIL issue.

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Guidelines for multiple Python processes

The challenge of launching multiple processes is that it can cause unintended problems if the application is not designed appropriately.

I have written 12 top guidelines that I recommend everyone to follow. This article aims to outline the programming guidelines for multiple processing programming.

I recommend this article to everyone who is/or intends in using the Python programming language.

If you want to understand the Python programming language from the…

Learn How To Use Python Synchronisation Primitives

Most of the enterprise-level high-performant computationally-intensive applications are concurrent and parallel in nature. The advanced features of concurrency and parallelism are usually used to enhance the performance of an application.

One of the biggest challenges in the concurrent and parallel applications is to be able to share the data between threads, asyncio routines, and/or processes.

This is where we can use the synchronization primitives. This article will aim to explain what they are and when to use them.

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Synchronisation Primitives

Article Aim

This article will help us understand what Python Synchronisation Primitives are which can be used to share the data between processes/threads/tasks.


Outlining the steps to download news from Google via Python code

All successful projects revolve around clean data. Google is by far the best search engine. Furthermore, Google News is a fantastic source that combines news from various media and publishers.

I will demonstrate how we can build data sets for data science projects by using news from Google News. I wanted to be able to fetch Google News via Python code so that I can get the latest news daily without any manual intervention.

This article will demonstrate the steps that are required to retrieve google news for our chosen topics, words, and locations via Python code.

I will present…

Introducing Expert Data Scientists Skills Along With The Best Practices & Successful Data Science Project Steps

Data Science is a hot topic nowadays. Organizations consider data scientists to be the Crème de la crème. Everyone in the industry is talking about the potential of data science and what data scientists can bring in their BigTech and FinTech organizations. It’s attractive to be a data scientist.

This article will outline everything we need to know to become an expert in the Data Science field.

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A topic on Expert Data Scientists. Image by author

During tough times, data scientists are required even more because it’s crucial to be able to work on projects that cut costs and generate revenue. …

Learn What Signaling Is And How To Generate Signals In Your Python Application

Operating systems use signals to communicate with the processes. There is not a lot of content on Python signals on Medium, even though they are heavily used in enterprise-level applications. This article will demonstrate what signals are and how they can be used in Python applications.

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Article focuses on the signal library

This article will focus on signal driven programming. Signaling is used in a large number of Python packages such as Django, Flask, FastAPI etc.

The signaling concept is widely used in a number of enterprise-level industry applications and is a must-know topic for all programmers who want to become an expert in Python programing…

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