July 20, 2020

Today, I'm joining Amazon as a Software Development Engineer. Let me start by saying that I'm not from any of those tier 1 colleges( IITs/ NITs). Since my second year in college, I had been dreaming about joining a great company with a great working atmosphere (FAAMG). I have had people ask me "Isn't that too much to ask for?". I wouldn't lie. Those questions did get me to pause for a second and think, if whether I was over-ambitious. But, I never gave up on my dreams. In fact, I had always been that confident girl…

Change is the only constant.

Change is vital for growth, in fact, it is the only way we grow. We can’t complain if someone has changed because that is definite and everyone is supposed to change over time. We can only decide if we are changing for better or not.

Family is strength.

I realized this pretty late in my life. Nobody loves us equal to our parents. That is the only form of pure support and love. Hold on to it close, value it over anything else in life. Nothing is more permanent than love from your parents.


Fathima Hakkim is a self-made artist and an Entrepreneur. She had battled dyslexia at a very young age and come out of it stronger. She has done two exhibitions so far and has a fan base of 50 k followers on Instagram. Her work is sold all over the world through her Instagram page.

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import smtplib, ssl, getpassport=465
sender_mail = "sender@gmail.com"
receiver_mail = "receiver@gmail.com"
message = """\
Subject: Python Email Automation
This email is automated using python."""password=getpass.getpass("Enter yor password:")
with smtplib.SMTP_SSL("smtp.gmail.com",port,context=context) as server:
for i in range(1,20):

During my internship, this was part of the project. I was asked to read two CSV files and print an (exception)database based on a column (Client) whose values are present in one file(Summary) but not in the other(Lookup).

We know how to filter on a value, but what about a list of values — the SQL IN condition? In pandas, .isin() operator works the same way. To negate any condition, use ~.

This is what I used:

import pandas as pd

Hope you find this useful :)

I am a Software Development Engineer at Amazon and a technical content creator on youtube. Watch my videos:

What is a zip file?

ZIP is an archive file format that supports lossless data compression. By lossless compression, we mean that the compression algorithm allows the original data to be perfectly reconstructed from the compressed data. So, a ZIP file is a single file containing one or more compressed files, offering an ideal way to make large files smaller and keep related files together.

To work on zip files using python, we will use an inbuilt python module called zipfile.


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In this era where social media is kept on a pedestal and when it has a huge impact on our personal and social lives, this article is about the impact it creates on your career. Sharing 6 important points on how social media has affected my career. Read carefully, this is the present and the future.

#1 People Recognize you wherever you go

You carry your resume to interviews, how awesome would it be if it is available online, without putting in much efforts to create it? Social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn does exactly that.

WIth constantly updating…

Office Hours:

Office Hours is a platform which facilitates one-on-one online meetings between a curated set of professionals and students/early career professionals. The participants are the ones that are part of Rethink’s learning collective while the professionals are selected on both willingness & ability to contribute.


Office hours are scheduled on the third Thursday of every month where the professionals interact with the participants over a video call for one hour between 7 to 9 pm. Ideally, a professional engages in two 20 mins conversations with two learners in the one hour he/she looks to keep aside as contribution to Rethink. Thursday…

13th October 2018, The Lalit Ashok.

I had received an email from Lakshya Sivaramakrishnan, she is the Senior program coordinator at Google for Women Techmakers. My action — Helpline Kerala got selected as one amongst the top 12 actions to get featured at Devfest Bangalore 2018.

Tweet by Google Developers India.

Guess what? GDG Bangalore sponsored my travel and food expenses!

On 13th October at 5.30 a.m I took a flight from Cochin to attend the Devfest. I was excited to meet new people. The flight was comfortable.

I was adamant that I wanted to figure out the place by myself but my parents were worried…

I can’t believe we are already there…

This time instead of the usual Appear call we had hangouts call because the link wasn’t working. Ayushi invited both of us for the Appear call. I joined in quicky while Mridula had some trouble getting on the call.

Snapshot of final call with Ayushi

Ayushi was still at Google. She asked me about what I have gained from participating in the program. I told her about time management, sticking to deadlines etc..

We also talked about my action getting featured at the Devfest. She told me she would be at Singapore attending the WTM retreat.

Mridula joined in…

Farha Kareem

SDE at Amazon | YouTuber | WIT-GHCI Scholar | GDG Cochin Speaker | Google IBA winner | Nielsen. Subscribe to my channel at: youtube.com/FarhaKareem

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