I met with Mr. Mujeeb who will go for internship in near future and he shared really amazing points and at some stage he disagreed with me, but I enjoyed it the way he was responding me. Following are his responses:

The internship is way to know that if I do this job what type and nature of job I will actually have. You will analyze whether this job is interesting for me or would bore me. And one will put much more efforts while doing the study which he already tested that this is right place for me. It will be a source of motivation to accomplish your degree properly.

I have different opinion about it. If you do PhD you’re tend to do research and try to flourish your business.

Exactly it takes time to adjust even if it’s pay less. In one year you may have a comprehensive idea about specific job so do spend one year.

I confirmed it if a student by somehow come mathematic field and he don’t like to do it so he will not able to have command on it.

Do what you want to do, never think what other will think about my decision. Take the decision and own it and think hundred times before taking a decision.