It is the general phenomena that if you want to excel in any field you have to analyse the nature of job. The working conditions , culture , behavior of boss, bonuses and incentive and most essentially the compatibility of the job with your personality. so conducted Informational interviews with who are working in different in organization. I asked my friends some questions regarding the operations and perks at Nishat mill .He is technical Assistant over their. And luckily i met with him during his leisure time.

I asked about the working conditions and job culture and behaviors over their. He respond that working conditions are adequately great. I am really satisfied from the incentives like free accommodation , pick and drop facilities and salary i used to get along with charges of extra working hours. My colleagues are so cooperative and showing positive behaviors towards other. He also make sure me that i will inform you about the vacancies if there is any. He disclosed me that there is no advertisement for jobs usually.

I met with my friend Mohammad Tayyab ( sub-inspector in Punjab police) and inquired him about his nature of job and behavior of the colleagues and corruption as well. He said me that i am managing the work of SHO at police station and really love to have this great job. He was really satisfied regarding his job. I also inquired that how he got selected so he told me the complete procedure of his selection through PPSC which would be really helpful for me in future. He is of 14 scale officer and also a student Punjab University Lahore.

I interviewed the Mr. Musannif. who wants to get a job in a chemical engineering industries. he shared his links with me. He reveals that i will for that as my cousins and uncle are also engaging in different organizations. They will probably help me in informing about the vacancies and make recommendations for me as well. So i request him to also looking for the jobs in accounts ,finance and management related positions and let me inform about it.

This activity was really helpful for job seeking and source of amusement for me as my friend at Nishat realize me to inform me about the vacancies and unfolded that you should place your CV at HR department the will consider you for an in person session. Same with the other who told me the complete procedure of PPSC exams and their way of selection. Musannif can help me to inform about the commerce related jobs in his respective domain.

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