khudi and self learning

The Edhi sb was a little kid and he saw a wound man lying on the foot path. And he brought some foods for him and used to sit with him for keeping him in ease and do some gup shup for lighting his problem.This was the turning point of his life. He got this passion inherently and with the upbringing by his great Mother.Once i went to the cobbler for mending my shoes and i found him that he was have high fewer, the weather was so cold i went to my room and took tablets and give it to him,he became happy by my this act and i got a lots of inner satisfaction by that. After one day i again met with him and ask about his health.I like most example of the giving of two paisas by his mom, one for him and one for others. secondly his sincerity with humanity and his strong believe on Allah, as he was resource less but even then he did miracles in the world and sat an example for the rest.My take away from these two things is that do training of your kids towards spreading ease for the world and no matter if you no resources, there so many ways to distributes love and comforts for others.

pain of others

I want to become a CSS officer and become a bureaucrat in my life. I still on work on it. I have a lots of constraints for achieving my this fine goal. i want to achieve it because firstly it is one of the tough exam of in Pakistan to do and after doing this one will have the understanding of the world with vast knowledge. Our teacher used to say that if you want make this society best then everyone should go for CSS exam. They have to run the country, if bureaucrats are honest and do the work with their real essence, they put Pakistan on the path of progress. My family issues and no support restrict me for going this.

I learn this one have to remain focused upon his goal as i am. Hope for the best and better days are ahead IA. I will continue my job and a small business as well for getting money to meet my educational expenses and will go for it and will do my best.

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