We as team were highly persuaded and still we are that the best source of building nations and community on civilized grounds is books reading. If we look at the demographics of world, The Finland is world most literate nation just because of their reading and investment in education. India is developing and does miracles in the world just because of their books reading habit.

The highest number of libraries exists in India among the entire world. Libraries (academic, public, national, school and special libraries)
 1. India 337017
 2. Indonesia 122906
 3. Russia 113981

Hours reading per week per person

1. India — 10 hours, 42 minutes
 2. Thailand — 9:24
 3. China — 8:00
 4. Philippines — 7:36
 5. Egypt — 7:30

So we took a small initiative in this regard and established a small library near Model Town, Opposite to PEL factory, Lahore, for enhancing of books reading.

We contact to the friends and donate some of our own books. Mr. Zeeshan contacted to his friend who have a lot of connections with publishers and help in arranging the books a long with financial support. We still face some issues regarding fund raising but we will keeps on working and search for various sponsors.

We as a group also offer the digital library within the same domain in which we provide the online general knowledge books, journal, publications which are paid otherwise. But because of using Punjab University internet server we can download it easily and without any cost and offer it to the general public.

For the sake of propagation we disseminate pamphlets, brochures and charts. We made the slogan which mind touching and urge towards reading.

Mr. Zeeshan provided a space for it. Kanwal helps in designing the charts, brochures and she is also ready for fund raising and expanding the library on large scale.

Mr. Farhan Ahmad opt the name of library i.e Amal library, slogan i.e Dive into Reading, wrote the blog, donate some books and dedicated to work for it in future beside this project.

Hundreds people can accommodate in it at one time; initially we have bulk of Islamic books and other online publications as I mentioned earlier.

All the group members are highly agreed, passionate and motivated that we will continue to expand this library beside the Amal project and took it as our responsibility to work for it.

We learn that if you’re striving for some positive cause the people will support you. This was really an amazing experience securing funds from others for very good cause, we recognize that Pakistani nation is great it just required a sincere efforts from others.