Handling task scheduling with best practice using AWS services like lambda, dynamo DB, Eventbridge, and more…

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While exploring the serverless architecture, multiple use cases could be built on top of it. Recently had use cases of the feature of Report Scheduling.

Mainly this feature reports being scheduled and sent through the email. Sounds easy at a go, but few complications are challenging when developing such use cases with serverless.

Use-Case: Report Scheduling
_> User able to choose report timezone they want to receive, Then able to pick the time when they want to get the report.
_> User can choose the report type they want to schedule. Example: Transaction report, Summary report. …

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(Image Source: Block Geeks)

Cryptocurrency is the buzzword today and people are rushing to understand this not so new technology which is expected to disrupt the financial sector in years to come. Let’s try to decipher it, in a part by part series starting this one. The questions we will try to answer in each part are:

What is bitcoin and how does it work? — An overview

Eating the cryptographic vegetables — Building blocks of Bitcoin
Why Mallory can’t tamper the ledger? Blockchains as a permanent ledger
How did Bob’s brother earn his money? Mining and creation of new bitcoins, transaction fees
The bitcoin network and distributed consensus
Security and Bitcoins — A discussion

What is Bitcoin? Wikipedia says:

“Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment…


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Happens to be Software Engineer, Tends to explore challenging things with cloud solutions.

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