Kristi Coulter

Having grown up teetotal, it’s interesting to read your perspective going from drinking, to not..

I just always learnt to accept, early on, that drunk people were just generally less themselves, and more prone to being silly/foolish..

It never occurred to me that it was an outlet/form of escapism.. I’m sure there are moments in my life, where I would love to escape, and be free of the life experience I’m going through — but interestingly I’ve not ever thought of using wine, or any other substance as an escape mechanism.

I guess part of that comes from establishing my own idea of restraint, and clear Yes/No’s to what is defined as permissible and not.. I guess once you decide that you just don’t drink — it’s way easier to maintain the discipline, with a clear Black/White response, than when it’s a grey area..

Thanks for sharing this — it’s been real interesting to read, and learn from your perspective.. Kinda grateful I always stuck with maintaining lucidity in the awake world — even if it has been challenging at times ;)

Keep it up — there’s nothing better than being sane, sober, and in control of your senses so that you’re fully responsible for all the decisions you make.

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