Toddler’s Learning by Playing

Toddlers are hard to work with and it is a very challenging stage for parents to take care of their children. As now baby has grown up and now toddles around, but toddlers are hard at work learning important skills as now they are gaining muscle control, balance and coordination. Every new skill let them progress to next one. The are hyper in their physical activities such as jumping, kicking a ball on the run and physically interacting with objects they find attractive. They kept on their task and activity until they get the full satisfaction from the skill they learned and master the skill.
Parents need to support and encourage toddler’s natural desire to keep moving on. As at this stage kids establish patterns of activities that they carry through the rest of childhood. So an active toddler is more likely to be active in later stages of childhood.

Developing Skills

At this stage toddlers are learning new skills and patterns in life. Learning by playing are completely natural for kids at this stage. Parents should provide their kids opportunities and environment to practice their developing skills. They should engage a group activity like games and fun for them to learn under their supervision. Activities like Nursery rhymes sing and learn, story telling, role playing, animal sounds, play dough etc. Toddlers are also developing in other ways; give them sense of little responsibility, ask them questions, practice to fine their motor skills, such as coloring and stacking the blocks.

Early Toddler Skills (12–24 months)

At early stages they are motivated to walk independently without any support. They are proactive and pulls/carries toys while walking, they stoops and gets back up. Tries to run, kicks the ball and toys. Holds on to the railings when going up or down stairs, walks backward etc.

Older Toddler Skills (24–36 months)

In later stage of toddler hood they balances themselves to 1 to 2 seconds on one foot, climbs well, they start walking and runs well. The start to kick ball forward, both feet on step going up or down stairs. Develop new skill as they starts to pedal tricycle and throws ball over head.

How Much Activity Is Enough?

It is said that healthy toddler leads to healthy later childhood and finally develops into healthy manhood life. For that as a general rule a a child should not be inactive for more than 1 hour, except for sleeping. There should be an activity for a toddler to do every now and then to be active and healthy. Encourage your toddler to be active as healthy activity will help them learn from these activities.

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