How companies are making efforts to save the earth….


Written by: FARHAN AHMED

As the consequence of increasing pressure from government agencies and growing public sentiment, businesses worldwide are implementing environmentally friendly green supply chain practices. Businesses are looking for new processes and technologies to help climate.

The most common tactics which very business is using i.e

· Switching to equipment that contributes less destructive outflows to the climate

· Calibrating existing equipment to work more efficiently, thereby reducing energy consumption

· Partnering with suppliers known for green practices

· Recycling raw materials

Further the companies who has most robust supply chain are taking initiatives to reduce emissions carbons, Likewise Wall mart’s (Global Responsibility Report for 2016) indicates Wal-Mart will be the first retailer with an emissions-reduction plan approved by the Science Based Targets Initiative, its mission is to help companies determine how much they must cut emissions to prevent the worst impacts of climate change.

Wal-Mart says that will use a combination of energy-efficiency measures, along with a commitment to source half of the company’s energy needs from renewable sources, to achieve an 18% emissions reduction in its own operations by 2025.

Dell (as Company Wins CSCMP Innovation Award) says” You Really Can Have both Sustainability and Lower Costs”. Dell says the key to sustainability is innovations. Dell operations are using three techniques;

First was creating and sustaining an innovation culture That included significant employee communications, extensive training, competitions and recognition for employee efforts.

The second key, is to identifying and deploying various tools in support of the program. That includes “crowdsourcing” application for employees to submit and track innovation ideas, as well as development of a repeatable process.

Third involved defining progress clearly, as Dell developed a series of innovation metrics that measured the pace and success of innovations in Sustainability.

Coca cola launched Sustainability Plan — ‘Deliver for Today, Inspire for Tomorrow.’ in which the following plans and target are undertaken;

· Reduce the carbon footprint of the drink in the hand by a third by delivering carbon reductions throughout the value chain.

· Support the development of the circular economy, use recycle and renewable materials and recycle more packaging than usage.

· Minimizes the water impact in the value chain, establish a water sustainable operations and set the standard for water efficiency.

· Sustainably source 100% of the key agricultural ingredients.

· Promote wellbeing by reducing calories across the portfolio br 10 percent

· Work with local partners and support the active involvement of the employees.

So the steps which have been taken by these firms may influence others firms as well to comply with those policies which are sustainable. Further the supplier who are related with these firms requires certification which enable sustainability in the societies.

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