Why iOS Is the Best Platform for App Development ?

Apple always carries around an aura of class. With mobile app development becoming an important field today, developers are at crossroads thinking which platform serves best — Android, or iPhone? Since day 1, Apple hasn’t lost its charm, and the customer base continues to grow! Consumers are torn between the two smartphone giants, but the real competition is felt by developers. Is the iPhone application development platform better?

Here are 5 reasons why iOS is a terrific platform for app development:

  1. Apps are of better quality:

When you take any iOS application, every aspect of it is designed to

perfection. Albeit, Android has higher numbers; but when it comes to a user, quality is more important than any other aspect. And Apple caters nothing but the best-of-class apps to its users.

2) User experience:

A huge problem with Android is the upgrades. Several normal, mid-range phones come with a version of OS that is not up gradable. This means that every year when trends rise, Android users have to buy new phones to keep up with them! However, with iOS, this behavior isn’t seen. As and when upgrades are released, most versions that can accommodate it get it.

3) Better AI:

Siri, since its advent, has been the best phone companion. Technology is evolving at rapid rates and AI is the hinge! Artificial intelligence is a huge upgrade for phones; it allows hand less communication, seamless commands and so much more. This sort of convenience has yet to reach Android.

4) Tablet friendly apps:

Though it doesn’t sound necessary, having distinct apps for phones and tabs respectively is important. Android doesn’t filter through these criteria and delivers apps for tabs the same way as for phones. iOS apps are completely different for tabs, making the entire process convenient and professional. Mobile apps are incredibly lucrative for businesses and as standalone entities. With one stellar mobile application, there is a universe of possibilities you can achieve.

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