Learn HTML and CSS here on Medium with me. Ready?

Learning HTML and CSS is required for all business persons who want to run their online websites. Because it will help you choose the design and make it yours in no time, without asking others to help you build for you or customize a certain part of your website.

Knowing good amount of HTML and CSS will help you stand out from the crowd even if you are run your website on WordPress, you still need some basic programming.

So my question is if you want to learn both HTML and CSS here on Medium. please leave a comment below and share this post with your friends.

I will publish daily posts about our course here with text and video. which you prefer.

I learned the hard way but believe i know how to show you in 1 month and only take one hour in a day from your time.

By the End of month you will be web designer. pretty good huh?

Leave a comment and share this post. if i get many requests i will start posting soon.