Life be Sad…You be Strong

Days be short

Nights be long

Fate slaps my face at all moments

So unsound

Frustrated i think about what i did wrong

Neither broked a heart nor a person

Neither misused nor disguised

Crazy it gets

As none be there on whom i can put my head

My Stumbling words when reach to few

It b termed as crazy or me as a saddist and masochist

Recurrence of events seems to have formed a habit

Or changed the way i live

That avoids me to be happy even when it be there actually

So i crib and there be wet salty eyes

Looking at nowhere depending on none lonely it burns

Just standing in a never ending queue to get my share of peace

Not knowing even if it exist or its gonna be like this

A moment has arrived

Where i hate myself more than i can love other

As i can see i am not anyone

A weakling amongst the strong

A crib amongst the humour

To fulfil the only dream of someone who gave me birth

I did somethng that scared me

Well i cry lonely but her sparkling eyes makes me happy

I hate myself coz i cant figure out if i should smile or i should just whine

Even when i try to smile

The past lashes me with its dreamy art

A picture where i am realised what i have done that should not have

A picture where i am realised should have been carefull but i wasnt

A picture where i am realised who was mine and who wasnt

A picture where i am realised why i spent when i could have saved

A picture where i am realised none be there unless u have everything

Or fulfill their means

The past stops its lashes breaking me from inside

No moment later thers the present and future ready to show me their teaser

I may seem so weak

I may seem sad

I may seen someone who has nothing

Now A person with 0 money in the bank where others hold their jewellery

Now a person without a luxury

Now a person who cant afford someone elses luxury or needs

Well someone who gave me birth …her second dream seems to get shady of me being with someone

Coz even she realises everyone needs whAt i dont have

It be luxury

A smirky humour of her

Sayin to me you will get better

In love she raises her hand

And pray to almighty for me

I feel blessed

And i be strong

As i know i have to be even when she not be in this world

For her soul which may look upon me even from the heaven

For me for myself

I feel to shout and say to few

As i dnt have many

Make your life better

Leave aside all the glitter

Be awesome

Be amazing

Be the sparkle of someones eyes who has given you birth

Make her proud

Make yourself proud

And make your present and future proud

Be someone even the bad be scared about

Be someone even the hate be scared of

Be someone even the problem be scared of

Be someone even the world thinks twice before raising their eyes

Dont spoil your life

When you can actually make it a paradise not in heaven but on earth itself!!!!

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