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Become more productive and efficient in Xcode

When developing you want to be productive and efficient, knowing Swift well is one thing but also knowing your IDE (integrated development environment) which in our case is Xcode.

Xcode is pretty daunting at first but knowing the following will definitely make your development process much faster and easier.

Jumping to a Method

Control + 6 and filter through your methods.

Edit All in Scope

Highlight then Control + Command + E .

Show/Hide Project Navigator

Command + 0

Open Quickly

Search through files, classes, functions and methods with

Command + Shift + O


Select text, then Control + I

Choose where to open file

Click file with Option + Shift


When programming, leave markers to remind yourself of things that need attention and also easily jump to it.

// MARK: Everything is crashing

Code Snippets

This is pretty useful when you’re using the same code often.

For example I’ve saved this piece of code so I won’t have to remember the syntax exactly nor do I have to waste the time to type it out.

Comment/Uncomment Code

Command + /

Indent/Unindent Code

Command + [ or Command + ]

Thanks for reading

Theres many more shortcuts/tips/tricks out there, if I missed one please let me know and I’ll add it in 🙂.