2. Activity: #Juststart Project

“Use of technology” was the task that i wanted to do. But i was afraid to do something on internet or on laptop or desktop computer. Even after studying at the university level, i was not able to do the tasks like assignments and presentations given by all the teachers. Although i wanted to do all these by myself, but i was afraid to do this. And you know that these things are very important in today’s life. Without these, one can’t dream to achieve anything or to succeed in any walk of life.

As i joined Amal academy, and this project was given to me, i have tried my best to do it myself without anyone’s help. And i succeed in it to some extent. The tasks that i made to achieve my goal were the following:

  1. I tried to use internet just to learn that how it is used and how we can do anything without any help
  2. Then i used to do the assignments, the small assignments that sometimes i gave to myself for practice
  3. And then when i joined amal academy, i tried to do the project by myself. Although i asked my friends for help, but i have done this

First task was somehow difficult. I was afraid to use this. But i tried to use, because this is the thing that everyone should do. I used to search for different stories and words. I also watched many videos, creative videos.

The second thing that i did was to do assignments by myself. I gave some topics to me to work on them and then i worked on those topics. Although those were small assignments but those proved very helpful for me. Other than this, i also did my presentations myself.

Thirdly when i joined the Amal academy, i felt that passion in me. As this first project was a big deal for me. But i tried it again and again, by the help of my friends, i did it. Now i have done my activities. I have done my project.

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