Edhi sb reading

i have read the chapter 2 of this book. although i know about him from the very start, from the time when i was born. but the thing is, this reading was different what i already knew. This is the age of selfishness, but at the same time this man proved that wealth, education are not important things. but the humanitarianism is the most important thing. the major role in his success and kindness was his mother’s. she developed these habits in him from the very start. when she used to gave him two paisas, one for him and one was to help any other person who was in need. i think this was the beginning of developing kindness for others. he had a soft heart for every needy person. although he was not rich, nor he was educated. but he started from very small steps. because small steps make a big difference. he cared about everyone without any expectations, without any reward. he just started every activity from the very basic level. and it was his selfless devotion that brought him to the heights of success.

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