Fate Of Humanity

A few weeks back I was privy to a conversation that took place between my daughter and my 11 and 8 year granddaughters. The focal point of this very intense discussion was differences in people. My daughter was responding to their questions about cultural, ethnic, and religious differences, while my daughter acknowledged the rich tapestry of our planet, she also ensured that her children learned some basic human values. She ended the conversation by saying that there are two types of people in the world. These include good people and bad people and they are found in every race, religion, and cultural group on this very diverse planet we call home. My heart swelled with pride, after all she was teaching her children the same lessons and values, she was taught and given as young person. She was listening after all.
While I glowed, and gloated in my moment of glory and pride, I couldn’t help but think about the recent turn of events not only in the U.S but the worldwide trend of dogmatic intolerance towards anyone who does not fit into the mold of perceived criteria of righteousness or morality of those who hold all the cards. The faces may vary from one region to the other but the message of intolerance, indignity and venomous perversity is the same. It is pure evil wrapped in religious indoctrination along with patriotism. The objective is the same, denigration and degradation of the less powerful, the vulnerable and those who dare to oppose the powers de jour.
The local Municipal Government in Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Pakistan, previously known as the Northwest Frontier, which incidentally sounds so much more impressive and rugged than the contemporary name advertised for sanitary workers in the region. The advertisement was placed in a local publication by the District Municipal Officer with political affiliations with Jamaat Ulema -e Islam. The qualification of the perspective employees was horrifically specific, they must be Christians, Hindus, or Shia along with one additional minority group. After the initial horror, disbelief, and loathing, one wonders about the thought process and mindset of the individuals who cannot and do not see the gross violation of human dignity and the endorsement from a religiopolitical organization just adds to the vileness of the act.
Similar venomous rhetoric was spewed by the newly elected Chief Minister (CM) of Utter Pradesh India, again a self-proclaimed spiritual guide. Yogi Aditya Nath ‘s message of contempt for all minorities in India baffles the mind and decries all human decency. His words are laced with such indecency and malevolence that one is forced to think about the fate of humanity. The poison of religious and ethnic superiority flows through the veins of both Yogi Aditya Nath and the individuals who authored the hateful newspaper ad in KPK. What is both fascinating and repulsive simultaneously is that these forces of evil see themselves as worlds apart and yet they are in complete agreement in their sordid and malicious thinking. 
 History has witnessed myriad accomplishments by great men and women that made tremendous advances in the field of medicine, technology along with deep appreciation of mankind’s imagination in art, music, poetry and literature, fine human thoughts have been handed down to generations as a human legacy. and yet somewhere in this process, human beings misplaced their soul, their humanity. In pursuit of the Divine a pact has been made and solidified with the Devil. The quest for reaching the heavens began with the tower of Babel and continues with the aspirations of conquering the far-reaching planets and galaxies that exist outside the realm of finite time. It is mind- blowing and confounding that we can conquer the highest peaks, dive into deepest chasms, reach for the stars, and yet have the most difficult time conquering our fear of those who are different from us. This fear morphed into a venom of ignorance and arrogance that flows in the veins of humanity and because of this fear, history has also witnessed genocides, holocausts, crusades, and inquisitions and this road to destruction seems unending. 
 It is irrelevant whether this frenzy of hatred spawns from a Yogi, a newspaper advertisement, dictators past and present or misguided indoctrination, the result of this poison is death and in this case death of humanity. There are two types of people in this world, good and bad and they are found in every ethnic, religious, cultural, and linguistic group in every corner of the world. The question is, who are you because your choice will determine the fate of humanity

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