From being late to a bit punctual

In my years of graduation i develop the habit of being late in class. even here at Amal I submitted my application after 2 hours of due date. I was very passionate about my selection at Amal and was worried too. but i got lucky. they selected me. and from there entered a whole new world. i met with amazing people. I learnt those things which i could not learnt through my sixteen years of education. I reached late in my first class. but there was a catch. every time you reach late you lose your 3 marks. It was quite horrifying.

so first thing i learnt is being puctual. I tried very hard to achieve this. at first i was trying because i didn’t want lose marks then with time i develop this habit. i never thought that I knew a lot but after joining Amal I realize that I knew nothing. life is journey of learning. learning is the only thing in which we find equity. everyone can learn irrespective of their color and cast.

the second principal i learnt is how to give positive feed back. before joining Amal i only knew how to give feed back. i was a quite sarcastic person. but i didn’t intentionally think bad about any one. i thought that words don;t matter much. but then i realized the power of words. a feed back should follow 3 steps. positivism, pointing on the loose end and suggestion to improve that end. i applied this thing in my uni life.i got amazing results. we should apply this thing in our daily life too. every one loves to hear their praise. when we start our feedback from appreciation the person becomes so lost in that part that he would not mind the other negative the end he will try to improve himself.

the other thing i learnt is to ask for help. i had a concept that asking for help makes us small. it means that we are unable to do this. but actually in this short life we are not meant to do everything on our own. every person has their own expertise. the problem which took our whole productive day can be tiny little things for someone else. we should have the encourage to ask for help. in return we can offer our help to other people.

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