Of Filters, Love and Relativity

Belief is a wonderful thing.
 And doubt is a killer.
 The model of the world that we build in our mind is always more important than the world itself.
 Quantum mechanics, relativity and the whole multiverse thinking makes it increasingly clear that nothing is absolute — that the world is inherently in several states and what you perceive depends largely on where you are.
 So we have filters in place to look at the world in certain ways. And every now and again we change the filter and say: Aha! now I see the truth — except only that we don’t, we can’t. We are simply replacing one set of filters with another.
 Life seems to be about going through filters until you finally give up.
 A good demonstration is music. Change the tempo of the music around you and your perception of a situation changes. Same with people — talk to a different bunch and you feel different, you see things differently. Change the colours. Change the landscape. Change anything and your filter changes.
 That’s why love is so popular. It is perhaps the most powerful filter anywhere. People love being in love because it changes their filters to “rosy”. The same things that despair you before love, start to invigorate after love.
 Is that a bad thing ? Who knows. But it happens.
 The trick is perhaps to have a small filter and a large sense of curiosity. A micro-kernel as it were, while the APIs change. The smaller the kernel the easier it is to keep straight about it while retaining the ability to adapt and grow.

Originally published at howmanyroads.blogspot.com on September 26, 2015.

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