Thanks so much for your kind and insightful words!
Outre Tomes

Hi! Thanks for your response. I completely agree. I posted the following on Facebook. I was filled with rage.

“Even as we watch, more and more unemployed/homeless people are visible in DC suburbia.

Some stand in stony silence near traffic lights, others have signs saying ‘help please.’ All they own is stuffed in plastic bags.

The reason I’m writing this post is that I’m angry and sad.

There are not enough shelters to house the homeless. No safety nets. One day you’re an executive, the next you’re out on the street. It’s all downhill from there. I engage with them and sometimes it’s clear these are educated people fallen on hard times. And no, very few are actually addicts.

I met a lady at union station when I stopped at a McDonald’s. She was rummaging in trash cans for food. I gave her $10 and asked her to buy fresh food and sit with me. Jane’s story left me shaken. Her father worked as a consultant for Mideast east and nearby regions at the Smithsonian. He died suddenly leaving her alone. Soon she lost the house. Couldn’t pay the mortgage. Didn’t have relatives. No pension because he was contractual. She spoke Arabic, Persian, Urdu. Worked sporadically. Soon after being on dole Jane found herself on the street. Street people became her family and watched out for each other. For 20 years Jane has lived on the streets. She said, ‘they are kind and share everything. Not like you rich folk who avert leaden eyes.’

By the grace of God, I live in an upscale area. We have an email group where we exchange information, voice concerns, post help wanted stuff etc.

Now these are mostly privileged people. McMansion creatures.

Today, someone wrote a post about ‘THESE PEOPLE.’ How it’s a nuisance to Porsche, bmw, Mercedes drivers. To drive past homeless people.

I was shocked to see about 20 posts which stated with pride, I never pay them anything, no sir, not a dime! Needless to say, all the posts came from white people. I nearly puked.

Btw, it’s mostly white poor individuals who stand shivering in the cold or roasting in 100* F.

It’s like the rich muscling to protect ‘their’ territories from poverty. That would sully their stupid vapid grassy properties that have no soul. Just like they did with African Americans and still do.

One woman bristled at my post which appealed to generosity and empathy. I CHOOSE my charities and donate to them. It’s my right! This is exactly what has brought America to its knees. The bloodless, white hubris way.

Americans have been stripped of their humanity by consumerism, that twisted offspring of capitalism.

I’m not losing any sleep over shallow rich territorial, self-righteous, privileged pathetic white people posts that demonstrate their ignorance and myopic egocentric way of life.

Mr. Trump has brought out the darkness that lay like a blanket in a closet, waiting to be aired.

It doesn’t bode well for the future of america. 💀☠️”

Take care and soldier on.


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