Photo by Shlomo Shalev on Unsplash


why one must not lose memory…

I had forgotten

too much.

Mountain moon

quivering on the river. At dusk,

water fowl like

glowing celestial bodies,

resting on an amorphous tree.

Reticent, then unabashed,

the thrust of a rowboat.

There is in forgetting

a brutality that strips you

of sap and petal, preserving

but withering you, making of you

an abandoned seed that

weeps in its dreams.

Which is not to say that

I cannot recall the easy

intoxication of finding

resonance in a kindred spirit,

which is not to say that

flesh and bone lose

memory of betrayals by the

creature of the hourglass.

And yet one must not stop. One

Must breathe. One must hold a star.

Count flowers from one point

To the other and

Celebrate lives to come.

Celebrating other lives,

I am a sparrow in the shadow of a rosebush.

Farida Haque