HE understands

So much has happened this past week; most of it has resulted in me sitting down and reflecting.
Today I asked my self ‘what is life?’ ‘Why am I alive?’
The most difficult thing for me has been realising what exactly I want to do with my life. A lot of people look at me like I have life all figured out; far from it… I’m so clueless.
In all honesty, I was thinking that by this time of the year, I would have been certain as to what my goals are in life, but when I realised no ideas were coming to me I decided to visit my careers service, they did not understand me, they gave a few tips but it honestly did very little so I started with motivational books and all..same, no one really gave me the answers I wanted, I became so worried. Would I just end up being nobody? What would people think of me? Would I allow everyone to pass negative comments about my life?
This evening my long awaited answer came! God.
Let me tell you in few words about the God I serve. He understands every single thing.
In the beginning of my prayer, I found my self asking God why I dont have this, why I dont have that, why I dont know where I want to be, why I dont understand the situation that I am in.
Then I paused for a moment and asked my self .. ‘Why should I?’. Everyday I do things that are plainly wrong. Do I really want Him to ignore the people that spend all their lives in His service to attend to me. An ingrate?
There and then, I found my purpose- God.
Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that are not so pleasing and then we ask ourselves “why me?”.
Really? Are you saying you want to get the same grade as the person who has been studying for the exams since the beginning of the semester when you only started studying a month before the exams? Are you saying you want to be as wealthy as someone who works round the clock when you are doing a 9–5 business? Are you saying that you want to be as fit as someone who visits the gym regularly and eats healthy when all you do is sit at home and eat junk?
Then the funniest of all is that as ungrateful as we are as humans, we expect to be equally as blessed as those who spend almost every second expressing their gratitude to the Almighty.
Dear All, please I urge that we all stop trying to blame our current situations on God. Its time to take charge of your life but when you realise you can’t handle certain pressure, talk to God. He understands.


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