This year I was a speaker at the “Resilient DesignOps Organizations” theme of DesignOps Summit 2020 with field practitioners from companies like Intuit, Intercom, Salesforce, Cigna, IBM, Uber, Dropbox, Electronic Arts, and others. And in this article, I would like to share my personal thoughts on the topics that I found interesting from my and other talks.

First of all, I would like to thank Louis Rosenfeld, Dave Malouf, and the whole crew for such a well-organized event!

The main focus of the DesignOps Summit was on People. Jose Coronado covered most of the things within the Resilient DesignOps Team…

I think we all heard stories that “designers are not aligned with Agile development team. It’s hard to plan work for designers because there is no visibility. Design is never done and etc.” And there are reasons for that.

The goal of this article is to show the best practices of how to align designers with an agile team. It will be the first part of the series about Design Management.

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Series of Jira Guide for large design teams

Today I’m going to share the best practices encountered during my 9 years of experience. We will cover different use cases and speak about the practical approaches. As a…

Inspired by Lean startup process with the build-measure-learn methodology, I designed an enhanced version of it called Triple Loop Product lifecycle. After getting a lot of positive feedback, I would like to share with you. Maybe one day I can meet Eric Ries in person😄 He is the author of Lean Startup Methodology.

The Purpose.

If you ever encountered a problem when other people in your team were not aligned or there was no unified process, this article might help you address this issue!

After 9 years of experience working in studios, outsource, product, consulting companies and even trying to build my…

This is a series of articles dedicated to organizing our daily work in Tech and finding the structure. I will speak about the design management and how to classify phases, classes and types of projects as a part of DesignOps practices.

The Purpose

With the growth of Design practices in Tech, there is an opportunity for DesignOps practices. I think you heard about the problems that designers are not integrated with the Agile. It’s hard to plan and review the work from the designers because there is no compiler that will show all the mistakes and we have more iterations rather than…

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Hi Design Community! I think everybody faced the problem of the right artboard naming in Sketch. At my work, I have been testing different techniques and tried to find the best way. I’d like to share my findings with you. If you enjoyed this post, please leave some claps 👏

Pre Story

As for me, I like when everything is organized and structured in the right way. A couple of years ago, I was adding numbers at the beginning of artboards. Within a few weeks, my artboards had structures like “ Adding story from admin side”. …

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Plugin for Sketch to create connection flow arrows for creating user flows, sitemaps and many more. Saves hours if you are doing them in Sketch.

Just select two objects and click on “Plugins” → “👉 Connection Arrows” → “Create Connection” and voilà! It will create a connection with arrow 🚀

🥳 Bonus at the end of the article

Farid Sabitov

DesignOps Enthusiast with more than 9 years of experience in Tech and Experience Design. Working with enterprise companies from Fortune 500 in EPAM.

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