Crisis 911 Santa Muerte The Death Saint: Why Is She Here? By Cllo C’Roc

Santa Muerte, Our Lady of Holy Death, is a woman, she is diety, she is also considered a folk saint of Mexico and Mexicans whose faith is based in Catholicism. She is death itself. She is that great force and that great power that even Queens, Kings and other dignitaries must eventually submit to. Santa Muerte has no favorites when it comes to the final hour.

Santa Muerte’s appeal includes the fact that none can escape death, and none can overcome or harm those she protects. Santa Muerte devotion is said to be the fastest-growing religion of all, at this time, both in Mexico and in the United States.

She is a venerated Catholic Folk saint not recognized by the Catholic Church.

Our Lady of the Holy Death, Nuestra Senora de la Santa Muerte.

To those who love her, she is also known as Our Lady of Shadows, Lady of the Night, Compassionate Lady, Skinny Lady, Madrina (Grandmother), Protector of her children, and many more names of honor.

Sante Muerte’ s power includes bringer of love, bringer of prosperity, assurance of safe passage while traveling, Protector against violent death.
Protector of those the church and others often reject like homosexuals and transgenders, bringer of peace and transformation in this life, protection against witchcraft and bringer of swift justice to those who have been wronged. Her blessings do not stop here.

In the U.S. followers of Santa Muerte has grown in the thousands beginning in 2012.
If we can remember in 2012 warnings were going around about the Mayan calendar

and the supposed end of the word. Death was in the air.

But, as it turned, out that death was about a time of transformation for the human race. A time of awakening.

BUT my original question at the onset of this article was why? Why would death personified and the force of death appear in the person of Santa Muerte at such a time as this?

A reason that stands out for me most is the overreaching and oppressive growth of injustice. The disenfranchised, the poor, the defenseless of Mexico often find no help from those that should help.

And, as for why Sante Muerte would rise to power across the United States, can you tell me? What I know is this: some of the weakest links can also be the strongest. Those who are rejected, abused, treated poorly and denied basic human rights by religions, governments or otherwise to the point of a crisis of care, will always find ways to survive both spiritually and financially.

To them, those who should act for God but reject the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill, the homosexual, the immigrant, and the host of the disenfranchised are not worthy of honor and praise. Therefore, the door opens to one in the person of Santa Muerte. Though the Catholic church rejects her, the people have lifted themselves up through her.

As I see her, and for what she means for those who find hope in her, she is God’s own, for she represents and gives justice, hope, prosperity, healing, and protection from the ruthless who would steal bread from those whose meal is but crumbs.

Cllo C’Roc

Cllo C’Roc



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