Online Dating Red Flag Alert: Five Important Safety Tips

Online dating? Do you have hopes of finding a significant other on dating sites? Meeting and dating people you meet online might not be the best way to find love. After all, meeting someone simply by hearing a person’s voice doesn’t tell the whole story. Text tossing back and forth doesn’t reveal the whole story either. Watching a prospective date on video is suspect too. Video chatting may not reveal additional clues. Yet, some people have actually met and married their online Romeo or Juliet.

According to research, over 40 million people use online dating sites. I know that some people have had good success with online dating. Although their online dating success hasn’t encouraged me. Welp, just call me “ chicken “.

A recent story of a 22 year old African American female is sad and horrifying. She said she was sexually assaulted after a date with a man she met on “ Plenty of Fish “ . Here’s the alarming news story about the victim where she warns all to be careful with online dating:

I’m so glad this woman is safe! She was fortunate. But the murder rate of Black women is very high. You’ll have to excuse my view but I don’t think online dating is safe for Black women. Use extreme precautions! I don’t think it’s safe for any woman. But men ought to be careful too. Consider the story of a central Florida man that was robbed , set up, and killed because of a female scamster’ he met online. Traffic affair! So sad. Here’s a link to the story below:

I’m not a fan of online dating although I have tried some of the popular online dating sites. The problems for me included meeting people who obviously had other plans besides dating. A reputable service for meeting a possible match costs hundreds of dollars. And you can feel more secure with this service because applicants are properly screened, vetted and background checked. Here’s an interesting article about the quality and cost of match making services:

But I promised you some safety tips for online dating. I won’t let you down!

Tip #1: Please protect your identity and anonymity. If you wouldn’t give your personal and sensitive information over the phone, the same idea applies to online dating. Initially, using your first name only is the safest bet. Using your home phone isn’t wise because if things fly south, it’s easier to block someone from a cell phone number. If someone you know well suggests a possible match to you, this is safer than cold meetings. Personally, until you feel more comfortable with someone, I would suggest using Google voice to mask whatever phone number you use.

Tip #2 : Always keep your address, personal information, financial information, and other personal details to yourself. This will keep you safer. We have some pretty savvy people online who know how to connect phone numbers to a physical address. Please and pretty please don’t send money to women or men you don’t know. Online dating prospects asking for money is a sure sign of scammeration’!

If someone you just met, online or off, is asking for money something is wrong. If they need a major operation and they’re talking to you on “ Plenty of Fish “ or “ Christian Mingle “ just know it’s a trick. Keep your hard earned money for yourself my friend.

Tip #3: Take your sweet time in getting to know someone online. Relationships can progress faster online so it is tempting to rush. Notice any inconsistency in their behaviors. Listen for lies, retelling of stories with a different outcome. It takes a while to get to know someone in person. Online dating shouldn’t be any different. Should they?

Whether I know you personally or not, I’d like you to be safe. Get to know who you’re talking to. Ask the right questions. Are they married? Seriously, some online dating prospects are actually married. Do they have children, talk about it? Where are they from? What are their interests? If someone is really interested in you, they’ll wait until you feel comfortable with them. Am I right?

Tip #5 and more:

Be aware of the possible dangers and consider them. For instance, anyone can hide behind a cell posing as a potential online date. Meanwhile, in reality you could be 22 years old but they’re 92 years old with a young voice. Don’t laugh, it can happen. Never meet someone alone. Let family and friends know where you’re going. Yes, at least let one person close to you know that you’re off meeting someone you met online.

Be careful about webcam blackmail. What you do on a webcam can be used to blackmail you. You don’t want questionable videos of you going viral. Someone could clean out your bank account using scam links designed to rob you when begging for money. Some sites employ people to pose as online dates just to keep you hanging on. Also, check if the dating site you are using is a member of the Online Dating Association (ODA. Although the ODA is in the U.K. it might be helpful to check.

I hope you found this article of some help. For more detailed information about online dating safety, please check the article below: