RFID Microchips: When Conspiracy Theory is Truth…Fari Magdala

Christians had a clue?

Do you remember when RFID Microchip implants were considered conspiracy theory? Do you recall Christians mentioning something about scriptures that warn of “ the mark of the beast “? This is a supposed mark on the skin having to do with end times, and the devils final takeover? The mantra warning was “ don’t take the mark or you’re doomed. Don’t get an RFID Microchip planted under your skin or else…

From what I remember, many people thought the idea was ludicrous. Oh, that’s just a kooky conspiracy story some said. RFID Microchips? Mark of the beast? The end of the world? Say what? There goes the fanatic Christians having meltdowns trying to scare the living daylights out of the populous. But lo’ and behold.. Somethings a’ brewing. Whether or not the world is ending is not my point. Apparently, people have been predicting end time dates for eons. The doomsdayer’s have cried wolf way too many times. But…

What is an RFID Microchip? RFID Microchips for human beings and animals are device circuits in silicate glass implanted in the body of humans, and animals for identification purposes. Pets are being RFID Microchipped upon adoption when requested.

I know because I just adopted a pet from an animal shelter. One of the free perks was to get my kitten RFID Microchipped. I declined! Anyway, the RFID Microchip has a unique “ number “ to identify the “ chipped “. The number coincides and can link then connect with hospital records, law enforcement, and other data bases for swift identification. So, you get grafted into other computer bases that can give info about you at lightning speed. If you or your pet get lost, you can easily be found. The chip is inserted under the skin. An incision has to be made in ones skin to slip the chip in. So, just think of a splinter. Instead of taking a splinter out, you’re getting a splinter put right under your skin. Um…what? Oh… okay!

Nevertheless, and truth be told, RFID Microchipping is here for us, and our animals. For more information about RFID Microchip implants and becoming part cyborg, part human by having a chip placed under the skin, here’s a fair-seeming video for you below: