Umar Johnson: Hotep Hustler Extraordinaire Ambushed by Roland Martin -Fari Magdala

Umar Johnson got ambushed on the Roland Martin Show. Good! Somebody with a large viewership needed to do it! Excellent Sir! Thank You Roland Martin . Umar Johnson mixes in some truth while he robs the Black Community. What else are we supposed to think? We see no accountability. Where is the $125,000 that Johnson collected in donations he said Paypal froze since he never made good on promises to start an official non-profit?

Umar made a video that anybody can find on YouTube. But I found it for you. This was two years ago. What are the updates concerning this? Are we allowed to ask questions without getting lambasted by Dr. Johnson?

Umar at one time called black folks “ trifling “. He said Black folks didn’t give him enough money for the school. Here’s the video! You can hear this man’s insults with your own ears:

And Umar already stated that he doesn’t want white folks involved with the school he’s supposedly building. Can you guess what else Umar said? Listen to the video above. Umar said he doesn’t want parents living at the school because us black folk, according to Umar, are too “ Willy Lynch” brainwashed to be of good to own children. Really?

So, there will be no accountability at said school huh? Our kids will be safe and sound with one man watching over them huh? No, parents do have rights which Umar plans to remove. Umar says “ HE “ will live at the school with our children. Umar has no good feelings for his own kind. All that Umar said can be researched. You can evaluated for yourself , if you don’t believe.

Johnsons degrees aren’t traceable, and he refuses to show them. And he raised $700,000 for this school thus far. Shame! And as always, he refuses accountability. Smart man, and a smart hustler too! Looking much like one of the best hustlers out here, fast talking and all.

Has Mr. Umar Johnson formed a non-profit yet? Will he be accountable and show where the money is, and what he’s doing with it? I think not!

We, as a people, deserve more than Umar Johnson. We’ve have some true black leaders, and organizations that are transparent about monies they collect from the community. And certainly, the Black leaders we know, respect and love have far more respect for us than Mr. Umar Johnson.

I believe that Dr. Umar Johnson has failed the test of a true leader thus far. A Hustler is what he is! He’s holding $700,000 of the peoples money. And many don’t bother to ask him about those monies, and refuse to examine his lack of accountability.

Well, Roland Martin did an excellent job of exposing some of the issues the people have with Umar Johnson.

For some odd reason, many people just can’t understand that being a smart man, who sometimes says things that make sense, doesn’t always equate to honest, effective, compassionate, and transforming leadership.

First and foremost, I want to know what’s Umar is doing with the $700,000, Don’t you want to know too? Who do we talk to in order to review his accounts?

Are we coons, house niggers and brainwashed “ Willie Lynch Types” because we look for accountability? I think not!