And it’s going to destroy it’s loyal readership

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People have talked about the fake Medium accounts for some time now. And I can’t find a good answer for it. If we’re trying to support quality writing, it doesn’t help to have a fake user base generating fake news. Quite the opposite, all these fake followers do is to pollute the signals that separate good journalism and writing from bad.

Though I write on this platform, I am primarily a reader. And I had no idea how much fake followers influenced the prominence of articles served to me on the platform. It’s the fake Instagram influencer metrics all over again. …

How America is running out of good paying jobs to support the middle class

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We did it to ourselves. We got married, had kids, and wanted to raise a family. I chose a job with good work hours, she wanted to take an active role in our kids lives and is at home. According to most articles, we should be living a satisfying life.

You can argue being homeless in the United States is a satisfying life, say, compared to being a slum dwelling in Mumbai. …

The only digital communication method that plays nice with others

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I’m old enough to remember when you had to pay for an email account. It was that valuable. I used my real name and found a provider that gave me free access, thanks Juno! And suddenly I was spreading the good word.

No, you didn’t need to create an account with my email provider. You gave your email like you gave your phone number. Except I could check your messages anytime with email — I didn’t have to be at mailbox or sitting next to the telephone.

Because the next best alternative was mail. And forget about fax — only businesses used it and they charged a dollar a page (some places still do!). First class mail, to be sure, never died, but email really crippled the postal sevice. But it’s now the domain of package delivery, magazines, and junk mail. …


Farooq Jeelani

Reader, commenter, and writer. Informed by my experiences as a parent, entrepreneur, and attorney.

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