The Popular Types of Low Profile Helmet

Helmets are usually worn as a protective head gear. When you are riding the bike and desire to look cool, the thing that hits you hard is that you need to wear a good headgear that is strong enough to protect your skull. The skull cap ones can be great, but what if you want to avoid covering your entire face? The problem is that most of the helmets cover a good portion of your face, and this makes the biker all the more unwilling to wear the right headgear, which in turn can be life threatening and moreover land you in grave trouble with the cops.

low profile helmet

Life is short, so why make it shorter? You live once, live it up well and live it to the fullest! Choose the look for something more unique like novelty helmets for a moment and you will never back away from wearing that cool head covering ever. There are several kinds of low profile motorcycle helmets that will make you look cool, dashing and daring with the right degree of macho appeal as you wish. So, let’s take sneak peek at the most popular ones that can be readily available.

The skull cap half head covering

This is the most popular one among all others. The reason behind its popularity is its attractive look that appeals to almost everybody in the crowd. The low profile headgear like this has an old-world charm and is extremely eye catching. The product is lightweight and very comfortable also for regular use. The headgear can be used, as and when you like it, as it is impact resistant and can take in massive blows without getting scratched or damaged easily enough.

Want to pose in style? Well, with this helmet you can wear goggles and increase the glam-quotient to a higher notch.

Low profile German half helmet

If you would look for comfort and style, then the German low profile hood is the one for you. A favourite style, it provides a lot of comforts and its lightweight nature makes head movement way easier. The problem with half helmets is that they come off when you are racing with high speed; well this is certainly not something that will bother you with this high-quality German styled one. Although this style sits low on the head, but can withstand a lot of punishment and last long. Enhance your swagger and wear it with the perfect Low profile Helmet. The high-level protection gear is commendable and not to forget the appeal of the ‘entire macho’ look is going to make you grab a lot of female attention.

V Can Low profile half hood

The traditional German styled headgear with a modern, newfangled twist. Comfortable, strong and sturdy this one will be your favourite if you are very finicky about the fittings. The padding inside can offer the best protection along with a lot of comforts.

Outlaw dual-visor half helmet

Are you the badass one among your buddies? Then, this headgear is the one for you. Although, the half helmets are infamous about the protection standards, but this one does not fall under this category. The HD tinted shield offers optimal protection against the sun and perfect for the riders who love to drive rash and enjoy the entire thrilling experience.

Fuel Low profile half headgear

Forget the popular buys, look for something more unique and this one is just that. The comfort fit along with the lightweight design has made it immensely sought after in a very short span of time. Purchase the perfect biker clothing along with it and ride in perfect style. Comfortable with an outstanding level of protection, this biker helmet makes riding truly a blissful experience.

Well, you may find many more headgears with the low profile feature, but the above ones have gained a lot of popularity in a very short span of time. The helmet is a part of the rider’s personality and therefore, a lot depends upon you to select the best one.