Why is video important?

Video is an investment in your brand, how big of one you are willing or able to make is up to you. A brand video is the best way of getting your message and ethos across to both clients and staff, having your brand story in video format means it can be used in a variety of ways and situations. If you want to clarify your company culture throughout your staff a film can do that whilst also motivating a customer to connect with your message and feel more passionate about your service or product. The most important thing is that your film is 100% original and authentic, if you don’t believe the message the viewer won’t either.

Consumers more and more these days like to connect with the companies they buy from. The rise of behind the scenes features of social media such as Instagram Stories, Snapchat and Facebook Live give people an instant glimpse into a company and they feel more connected to them.

Social media sites are doubling down on video in recent times, Facebook wants to try and compete with Youtube as a video host so are giving much more priority to posts featuring a video uploaded to it directly
— QUICK TIP — Try uploading your next video direct to Facebook when sharing it and look at the reach it gets.

Youtube already doubles as the second largest search engine online. Personally I know if I’m checking out a new company I look at their website and if it has a video it’s the first thing I click, research company Aberdeen Group have reported that

“websites with video have an average conversion rate of 4.8%, compared to 2.9% for websites without it.”

These numbers might not seem huge but compared to each other its almost a double jump!!

According to this article on business.com more than 93% of marketers are actively using video content, and more than 50 % believe it has the best return on investment among all types of content. It’s worth reading the linked article to get some tips on how video can improve your marketing strategy.

We have an upcoming video with some tips for creating your own video content, if you’re not ready to invest in a film just yet but want to test out some video marketing on your own check back soon to see it.

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