Berners are not the ones slinging mud and acting like Neanderthals.
Yvonne C. Claes

Well, I would advise you to check out the “aftermath” of the Nevada caucus, and the corresponding anger being directed towards Clinton. It’s plain ol’ sexism, once again, and even this guy can see it……

Bernies in a good position to change the direction of the Party, back to a New Deal-type platform. He already has the delegates to do that, and I’m sure some of Hillarys’ delegates will join in on that platform…..

It’s a disservice to his magnificent efforts that the campaign is being hijacked, at the rhetorical level, by a group of “bitter enders” who seem to be more-inclined to Bern-down, rather than build-up. That’s my main concern…….also, the reform efforts must continue well-past this election cycle if there’s an interest in making a long-term change.

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