FarmGate Africa: Improving market access and productivity for African farmers.

Agriculture is the highest employer of labour in Nigeria. For the past decade, unemployment rates have surged in Nigeria, putting something short of a time bomb on the Nigerian economy and crippling the various social classes. Although the economy is troubled, research has shown that Agriculture has the highest potential to create the most number of high-quality jobs in the shortest possible time.

In today’s Nigerian society, the average age of the Nigerian population is less than eighteen years,yet most Nigerian youths do not find agriculture attractive, and this is because of the low mechanisation, high risk, inefficiencies, inadequate financing and high barrier to markets. According to many development organizations — both national and international — the prediction is that by the year 2030, Nigeria will be one of two countries with the highest population of poor people in the world. This challenge requires ingenious, out of the box solutions. What would happen if there was an agricultural revolution of sorts? Suppose the following ducks are all lined-up.

What disruptive paradigm changes would occur in the development of Nigeria? Youth collectively hold the key to unlocking Nigeria’s future, and Agriculture is just one of the ways that Nigeria’s bright future could come to fruition. What would happen if youth became keenly interested in Agriculture and found its practices attractive? Suppose relevant technology and affordable mechanisation is brought to Agric and backed by private sector efficiency. Imagine an economy where affordable financing is available and access to markets is assured. This is a direct correlation between hard work and financial rewards. It is true. All the above suppositions are now a reality in Nigeria. Farmgate is here!

Farmgate Africa is an agricultural solutions company that has successfully brought together all the previously missing pieces of the Nigerian Agric revolution puzzle. At Farmgate Africa, we connect hard working farmers — our agribusiness women and men — to all the factors of production. At Farmgate Africa, we combine the best of relevant technology and best practices with affordable capital from impact investors and markets. The impacts are already impressive and growing, and there are currently six product collection centres across the country with plans to open up more.

If you want to have a second revenue stream from a secure impact investment that doesn’t drain all your time to manage, talk to us. If you are a young woman , or man in farming and would like to take your business to the next level, talk to us. If you want high-quality Agric products, in quantities that meet your needs, let us talk.

Farmgate Africa: Improving market access and productivity for African farmers.