Farm House Tokenomics and Bounce Sale — $FHSE

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Welcome to the Farm House. A hyper deflationary liquidity token.
We are happy to announce the beginning of our pre-sale, which will take place on Bounce.Finance . PLEASE ONLY SEND ETH TO THE OFFICIAL BOUNCE LINK WE POST IN THE TELEGRAM GROUP. THERE ARE MANY BOUNCE SCAMS — DO NOT FALL FOR THEM.

The pre-sale will commence at 19:00 UTC, and the official Bounce link will be posted in the telegram group: .

Bounce pool countdown:

Uniswap listing will follow after the Bounce is filled. Feel free to read the detailed tokenomics below.


Total Supply: 2,100 FHSE

-1,500 FHSE available for presale
-10 FHSE per ETH
-2 ETH maximum per wallet

Uniswap Listing:
-Listing will be 5 FHSE per ETH

Community Rewards:
-150 FHSE

Exchanges, Listings, and Partnerships:
300 FHSE

Thank you to all the Farm House fam who has joined us so far — We are excited for the launch and the upcoming few months.

-The Farm House Team

Hyperdeflationary supply farm token. Spend, burn, farm. //

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