Applications of Satellite Imagery Bands — Part 1: Coastal Aerosol (B1), Blue (B2), Green (B3), and Red (B4)

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Dec 13, 2018 · 4 min read

B1: Coastal Aerosol

B1: Costal Aerosol, Southern Florida 4-Dec-2018
(Left to Right) Melbourne Coastal Area 19-Nov-2018, Jardines De La Reina 29-Nov-2018
Gulf Of Mexico 9-Dec-2018

B2: Blue, B3: Green, B4: Red

(Left to Right) B2: Blue, B3: Green, B4: Red, Location: Jardines De La Reina, Date: 29-Nov-2018
(Left to Right): B2: Blue, B3: Green, B4: Red, Location: Zaandam, Amsterdam, Date: 17-Nov-2018

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