Handmade Phulkari Products: A Fashion Quotient For Women

Today, both men and women are attached to Fashion & Style in one way or another. The fashion industry is an imperative part of any humans life. Be it poor, middle or rich classes, this industry targets every section of society. But, there are a few accessories that play a key role in today’s fashion, including ladies handmade bags and i Pad covers. They are a symbol of your style, taste and you could take it to any event or occasion.

Fashion products made of Phulkari are enticing and interest grabbing. The state of Punjab is popular for Phulkari and not for contemporary handmade products made of Phulkari, including handbags, iPad covers, coin purse , 2-fold and 2 zip purse, tissue paper and wine covers etc. All these products are always in huge demand all over India.

Handmade Pullkari

What is Phulkari

Phulkari means floral work as the whole field is adorned and filled with flowers. Phulkari is done in both vertical and horizontal manner. The piece of cloth is covered with intricate embroidery, and this kind of work is particular to the Punjab only. Red, maroon, green and black are used as the base colors on which embroidery is done using silk threads. Contemporary Phulkari products are designed and created by proficient craftsmen by making use of high quality materials. Keep in mind that the color and layout of your Phulkari product will reveal your personality.

For Example- Look at this beautiful and elegant Phulkari Clutch bag represents an understated style at its best. This bag is the perfect catch and is great evening wear that will surely add glamour and style to that special occasion.

Handmade Pullkari Brocade clutch

Phulkari Handbags For Ladies

Women handbags come in many different types like Clutch, Baguette, Sling, etc. Designers work extremely hard to bring different varieties and designs in every type of bag to satisfy each and every consumer. Phulkari handbags for ladies range in assorted sizes ranging from small bags for keeping small things such as money , mobile and other small things, to big bags like retro for carrying more and big items like notebooks.

This small phulkari 2 -fold wallet is great for storing all your essentials such as cards and ID.


Spruce up and add a vintage sophistication touch to your look with this large Phulkari Retro Handbag. Features a metal frame teamed with this beautiful and vibrant bag. It is perfect for adding a little vintage to your accessories.

So, if you are a lady, then go for handicraft bags buy India online and purchase from an Eco-conscious on line store.

Phulkari iPad Cover

Phulkari iPad case is a fantastic way to carry your iPad. This case will keep your gadget safe from anything dirty and nasty. Also, the colorful Phulkari will keep your iPad looking beautiful and the soft foam padding will protect it from knocks and bumps. A detailed and time consuming embroidery work is done on these cases. Just take a look at the below image:

Pullkari I Pad

Leather, fabric, leatherette, cardboard, etc., are the materials used for making all these products. But, after huge Global Warming catastrophe, fashion industry went “Green” and get-go using new eco-friendly materials This Eco-friendly idea was appreciated all over the world.

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