The FarmWars Game Paper — Strategies Conquer and Earn

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Farmwars is a new way to bring the old classic strategy conquest game to the blockchain.

The entire game takes place on a metaverse farm map and it's all about attack and defense. Users will upgrade their farm facilities in order to improve their defense facilities and upgrade their attack skills.

The Farmwars is built on the Binance Smart Chain, and the token FW is used as an in-game token. The token can be mined by the farm or bought. To mine, the tokens users will build mining rigs in their farm and upgrade them every time the farm headquarters are upgraded.

Game Concept:

There are three teams, or “Farm nations” — The Pig Clan, Chicken Army, and the Cow Malita. Each farm nation can be placed anywhere on the farm metaverse map.
Each army has its own advantages and disadvantages accordingly:

The Pig Clan:

The Chicken Army:

The Cow Malita:

The user will choose his side at the beginning of the game and start developing his farm headquarters and facilities. Upgrades can be done by wining other farms and looting their coins, acquiring special in-game NFTs, and hoarding FW tokens.

Every farm has 5 main facilities :

* Headquarters
* Mining Rigs
* Soldier Barracks
*Army Camps
*Defense Tower and Soldiers

Each user starts building the farm from level 1 and upgrades the farm by upgrading each building separately. To move the farm to the next level the headquarters must be upgraded first.

Attack — The user will upgrade his Soldier barracks to upgrade the attack strength of his troops. Troops will be formed in barracks and sent to the army camps. The army camp capacities are limited according to the farm level. To hold more soldiers for battle the user will have to upgrade the army camps.

Defense — The user will upgrade the defense tower to protect against attacks on the farm. Remember to position the tower in the right place to make sure the farm is protected from every direction. The more advanced the farm is the more defense towers a user can build. More defense facilities will be released as the game goes on.

Mining — Minning rigs will mine FW tokens and will be used to upgrade the farm facilities. The mining profits will be collected by the user at anytime by clicking on the miner and collect, this action will then open the Meta Mask wallet for transferring the profits to the user wallet. Profits from mining that are not collected can be taken incase the farm is attacked and losses.

Development — Upgrading facilities in the farm takes either time or resources. The development will be done by the farm builders, the more builders the faster it will be built. Get farm builders from upgrading headquarters or by purchasing a builder NFT.

Going to battle :

Once a user wants to attack another farm he will be able to see all farms at his relative level (only ones that are without a shield). Once the user will choose to attack a certain farm he will delegate a small amount of FW tokens for that battle. If the attacker's farm failed to win the battle those tokens will be lost along with the attackers' soldiers at that battle.

Once a user attacks another farm and wins, he will win the relative loot collected on the farm. The loot is the amount of FW tokens mined by the attacked farm but not yet collected by the user since his last login to the game. In order to avoid gas fees on each loot collected at the battle, the FW tokens will be delegated to your farm and added to your mined tokens amount. The mined token amount is collected by the user at any time he chooses by clicking on the ‘mine’ and then ‘collect’.


Staking will be enabled after the full game release. The staked coins will give user shield cycles to the farm. On every cycle of yield release, user will have the option of restaking his tokens and shielding the farm from an attack for the following 7 days. Users with farm shields cannot be attacked unless they are attacked first and won, this will trigger a “revenge” attack option for the opposite farm.

Monthly Tournament:

every month Farmwars will hold a monthly tournament. To participate in the tournament users will have to delegate a set certain amount of FW tokens which will create a tournament pool. The tournament will be held on a separate map with many challenges. The winners will share the tournament pool reward and ultra-rare NFTs minted for that specific tournament that is useable in the farm for upgrades. The tournaments will have challenges that will be against CPU users and will be measured by total attempt duration of each challenge and total attempts of each challenge.
Each tournament will have 3 winners from all the farms according to accomplished achievements. In order to participate in the tournament, the farm must be at least in level 3 and the army camps can hold a minimum of 10 soldiers at a time.

Land And Property:

The Cow Headquarters level 1:

Chicken headquarters level 1:

Pig Headquarters level 1:

The farmwars map is limited to a certain amount of pixels that each one can inhibit a farm. The lands will be given for free on a first come first serve basis at the game launch. In the first release, we estimate 100,000 units of land will be given although that is subject to change according to demand. Once a user obtains land he will be able to sell the land and the farm facilities on an open NFT market, and each facility in the farm can be sold separately or sell it together as a bundle. Once the second map comes out with another certain amount of pixels the lands will no longer be free and users will need to buy land in order to start building a farm on it so make sure you sign up for early land distribution for free.

Animation and Graphics:

Farmwars is built on a 3d cartoon animation because we believe this genre of the cartoon is truly missing from ‘play to earn’ games. We want to create fun comic animation that will feel like playing in a high-end war cartoon and attract the eye with colorful animation and graphics. The weapons sold on the marketplace on our site

will be issued in 3d high-resolution animation to emphasize the strength of each weapon but will be played at a 3d cartoon animation in the game itself.

Closing Remarks:

We are very excited in releasing Farmwars to our users and building a community of farm warriors together. We are truly dedicated to making this game a very big community that will monetize on the game’s NFTs and early users’ skills. We hope you share our vision in the game functionality aspect. Several key points of the game were taken from very successful mobile games of our times such as ‘clash of clans’ which reached velocities of over 116 million users as of December 2021. By bringing the clash of clans game principles to the world of play to earn and on-chain we can create a free-to-play “cash cow” for the game followers. We are always open for suggestions advice or criticism in our telegram group so please feel free to join us there and bring up your opinion.

The FarmWars development Team




FarmWars is a strategy war P2E game for all participants and is completely free. Pick a side either the cow's army, the chicken militia, or the pig's infantry.