TGT coin — Closed end fund business model

TGT coin follows closed end fund business model. it offers its shares to public and utilize that money to invest in diverse range of portfolio of cryptocurrency and other new profitable and innovative blockchain. it will launch its ICO on 15th July and will end on 31st august 2017. its business model rewards its investors 85% of net profit of every quarters by buying back tokens and allowing the token value to increase. TGT coins will be holding 13% and Pre-ICO investors will hold 20% of total coins created. This ration will be maintained at all times except in the process of redemption. Profit will be distributed through smart contract. Profits of the fund will be distributed on the basis of funds net assets i.e value of funds assets less the value of its liabilities. Target coin will gives the fund value that an investor will be entitled to at the time of withdrawal of investment. Profits will be distributed equally distributed over the number of outstanding tokens to the investors. profits will be distributed within 15 days of the end of the quarter. cut off date for profit distribution will be announced or disclosed. A minimum bonus of 0.75% per quarter will be credited to the investor who are displayed in the block chain on the cut off date. investors with larger token number will collect higher profits.

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