Eat the Frog with to-do List

Human’s mind is the complex creation of the nature. There are millions of links that are connected and disconnected in a second or a partial second. ALLAH almighty has blessed everyone with intellect and give the ability to think in a positive or a negative way. Due to external distractions, our mind forgets the key tasks and as a result we are considered lazy or careless and sometimes we have to face disgrace due to it.

To become a quicker there is a technique named as “Eat Frog with to-do List”. It is very helpful technique to achieve your goals in time and it’s second benefit is that it made us punctual. In my normal routine, I don’t use it but when I had a very difficult routine I implement it.

Traditionally people wrote their daily diaries for it, and it is still a best habit. But now it is an era of technology in which everything is digitized and million books with thousand pages are stored in a mobile and you can keep it just in your pocket. People are lazy to take extra burden with them and they are leaving this habit. I think that people should make this to-do list at some sticky notes in their mobile phone or in laptops. Another approach to achieve it is that set a reminder or an alarm to do it.

Here is an example when I used this technique in my life. It was the last month of my 5th semester and I had a lot of work burden that I forgot what is pending and what is done? Then I put a sticky note on my laptop’s desktop screen, and I sorted each task according to their deadlines and whenever I opened my laptop it gave me 2 messages. 1) What is to be done? 2) Divert my attention from joying on laptop and to focus on just my study.

I suggest everyone to use this technique to improve their productivity and to achieve their goals in time. I think it will be very helpful to you and you enjoyed it also.