Funny conversation with my two year old son

After completing our nightly routine and putting my son to bed, he walks out of his room.

Son: “ daddy I need to pee pee”

Me: “ok. Come on” I pick him up and place him on the toilet.

Son” daddy, my pee pee hurts”

Me “ ok, why, what happened?”

Son “ daddy, I need to buy a new pee pee”

Me: “ really? Buy a new pee pee? from where”

Son “from Amazon!”

Me: “hahahhahahahahahha. I don’t think Amazon sells new pees pees but maybe one day since they want to sell everything”

These interactions with my son are what make being a dad awesome. I love every word that comes out of his mouth. The growth in language and critical thinking skills makes me proud. Our nightly routine is one of my favorite moments of the day. It reminds me of what matters most in life and no matter how difficult my day was I come home to my best friends.

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