The white room: final preparations

There are a lot of articles, blog posts and videos about how to pitch to investors. I’m not going to teach you here how to do it but to tell the story of our team and how we spend the hours in our hotel room before the presentation. Again, this could be useful for startups like us who begin from zero and are for the first time in a situation like this.

The three crew members of Faros came to Turkey. No one wanted to miss the very first time to official expose the idea in public. Everybody was nervous, specially me who was going to be on the stage. The fact that the pitch is about 3 minutes long allowed me to repeat it a lot… and a lot means maybe 50 times? My buddies sit in front of me and listen patiently while I do the presentation again and again. I think it was a good method to be sure that once I was out there, the presentation will almost run automatically.

I’ve learnt that you have to picture yourself on the stage and realize that there is nothing to be afraid of. It was difficult to imagine me up there since the last presentation I did was maybe back in the school time :) So what I did while practicing that helped me a lot was to focus on an object in the room and tell our idea to this thing, like it would have ears… I know, dumb, but it worked. My team mates did an excelent job saying all the time that I was doing great. I thing it’s essential to have someone who encourages you and tells you where you could do better.

The count down was near. We took our space suit and got out the white room, there were no turning back, I was going to pitch for the first time in front of 300+ investors.