After 4 years of programming I asked myself, what makes a senior developer? And am I one? If not, how much time do I need to become one? On my way to try to get some answers, I got a clear idea of what can stop a developer from becoming a senior developer and I thought my findings were worth sharing. This is why you’re not a senior developer yet:

You are not testing your code

I mean, writing automated tests, at least functional tests, for your app core features, but going all TDD (Test Driven Development) is the best option. If you never heard about…

Being a programmer for the last couple of years taught me a lot of things. It influenced my mindset in both good and bad ways. In this post I will be totally positive and talk only about the good ones; so these are the six things that programming taught me about life:

#1 : It’s Ok to not get it from the first try.

As in life, in programming we are constantly learning. It’s very normal to fuck it up the first time, or the first few times. As programmers we’re facing losses every day and we’re taking it easy…


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