What programming taught me about life

Jul 2, 2018 · 3 min read

Being a programmer for the last couple of years taught me a lot of things. It influenced my mindset in both good and bad ways. In this post I will be totally positive and talk only about the good ones; so these are the six things that programming taught me about life:

#1 : It’s Ok to not get it from the first try.

As in life, in programming we are constantly learning. It’s very normal to fuck it up the first time, or the first few times. As programmers we’re facing losses every day and we’re taking it easy. After being a programmer I’m doing the same thing more and more with other life problems and new experiences.

#2 : There is always more than one solution.

You are happy because you just found a solution. Don’t hurry — maybe there is a better one. From my experience in programming, the first solution is far from being the best one the majority of time. This is also true when it comes to real life.

#3 : If you are bored, have you been doing the same shit for a while?

You need to try new things to find the missing passion and fire. As coders, we change technologies(stack), projects, coding habits… but in other life aspects people change jobs, countries, mindset — the list goes on. Remember, it is supposed to be fun.

#4 : Push it to the extreme to test and understand.

As programmers if we want to be sure that something matters or makes a difference we just try to push it to the extreme. For example, if you are not sure that you are in love with your girlfriend just stop seeing her for a month and then you will get your answer (Bro, don’t actually try this :) ).

#5 : I figured it out! How to eat the elephant.

To start writing the first line of code in a project you need to stop thinking about how big and complex the project is and focus on the very small components that you are working on, or else you will continue procrastinating and thinking about obstacles that can be easily solved then or maybe that only exist in your mind.

#6 : Build crap, then improve it; sometimes!!

Sometimes being a perfectionist from the beginning might stop you from starting a project. You will always think that you don’t have the perfect idea or vision yet. You should start with what you have and improve every time you can — this might be the best solution for this case.

I am very thankful to be a programmer; even if that made me a very logical person. It seems good, but the ugly part is that I become less good in some sentimental and spiritual stuff that I can’t get because they are not logical.


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