Full Guide For Teenagers: Advices on living as a teenager

Fundamentals for teenagers

Setting Goals

You need to have goals in life in order to move towards what you want to achieve. We all have something to accomplish, and we all need goals to get there.

Mental Health

The reasons for your poor mental health are probably that you experienced trauma as a child or that you had a depressing and unnatural childhood. So how do you improve your mental health?

  • Dopamine Detox. Get off social media and stop watching the lives of all those fake influencers and start getting outside to connect with nature and admire every little detail of it, be it a tree or a leaf.
  • Meditation. Concentrate on your breathing and try not to think, if you do think, come back to your breathing. This increases your level of mindfulness.
  • Sense of gratitude. Be grateful for everything that happens to you and write it down for yourself or for others.
  • Mindset. Have a growth mindset, you can achieve anything you want as long as you put your mind to it.

Physical Health

Being built like a man and having an attractive muscular body has a lot of benefits for you, with girls, mental, focus, productivity, friends, respect, money, and all because your body is looking good. So how do you build that physique?

  • Just start working out. If you can’t find a workout to follow, or “can’t workout”, you can always do sets of the main exercises 3 times a week: push-ups, pull-ups and squats. All you need is a floor and a bar for the pull-ups.
  • Diet. It’s simple, if you want to gain weight, eat more than you burn, if you want to lose weight, eat less than you burn.
  • Posture. Hamza recommends a method to improve your posture, it is to tuck your chin in for a few seconds and do it 7 times a day.

Guide for teenagers

Womens / Girls

Sex and womens are in reality a distraction in our teenagerhood.


Friends are made up of interests, which means that if you don’t have friends, you are not interesting. People want to reach out to someone whose life is interesting.

Three things to bring more value to the table and make more friends:

  • Improve your social skills: read books on the subject and then practice what you’ve read on real people. (Hamza recommends the book How to Win Friends and Influence People).
  • Attractiveness: Attractiveness is divided into two parts. One is athletic appearance and fitness (go to the gym and workout). Two, hygiene and your smell (use deodorant or shave).
  • Initiator: Invite people to do good things (Be the cool guy who invites others to do cool things). But first, you have to do something fun to invite people. It could be an exercise, a hobby, a school club or a hobby club. If you don’t know where to go, go to a school club you’re interested in or google it, talk to the teacher/coach and tell them you want to be on the team but you have to practice first, then after you practice and get good, you can join the team and make friends.

Studying and School

School is a bad system that teaches children and teenagers to be slaves.

So here are two tips from hamza on how to study effectively and correctly:

  • Your mental health, physical health and sleep are more important than studying. Don’t sacrifice them to study. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend studying, it’s how you do it and how you manage those fundamentals (mental health, physical health, and sleep) that can make a difference.
    People who study 4–6 hours a day and focus on the fundamentals get more good grades than those who study 12 hours a day and neglect the fundamentals.
  • Deep work method: 2 or 3 blocks of 90 minutes during which you focus entirely on your work without being distracted by anything, so put aside your phone, notifications and any other distractions. After those 90 minutes, you take a 15 minute break and start over.
    This will save you a lot more time and make you more productive and focused. 2 or 3 blocks a day is enough.

Frequently asked questions from teenagers

How to make money as a teenager

To make money theres only to options : Jobs and business.

  • It’s accessible to everyone and you don’t need to invest in the beginning (It’s also a good idea for teenagers, as the majority of people who watch Youtube are that age).
  • Find something that interests you and share it on social media. It’s like sending a video to someone you want to target (for Hamza, it’s a self-improvement video for young Hamza). Then, to make money, you can open a second business for the community you’ve created, like a merch, online courses, etc. Hamza recommends an online digital course.

Video games

In life, there are two realities: video games and real life. But you can only choose one.

  • Upgrading at Video game: Sacrifice your real character, to improve your virtual character. Achieve your goals, be the best and reach the top with your virtual character.
  • Upgrading at Real life game: Sacrifice your useless virtual self and improve your real self, the real you. Improve your physical and mental health, talk to people and make new friends, improve yourself as if you were the main character in your life and not in your useless game.


The reason you do drugs as a teenager is probably because you’re with a bunch of crappy friends who are with you just for the drugs and alcohol.


Watching porn and jerking off turns you into a weird, addicted person with sick mental health.

How to balance school and self-improvement / how to find balance and our path

Struggling with many things is actually a good problem to have.

  • You have to make sacrifices and find your priorities because you can’t do everything and be good at everything. You have a limited amount of time, so pick a few things you want to be good at that fit your areas of life and what you love, and from there, improve constantly.
    But you can sacrifice things for others depending on the situation.
  • For example, if you have a good circle of friends and you want to sacrifice a workout for that, go for it because it’s beneficial for you.
    But if you have a bad circle of friends, start slowly moving away from them (it’s hard to get rid of them directly because they are all you have). And the free time you get by getting away from them could be spent improving yourself and finding a club to meet good people and create your good circle of friends.

Dominating highschool social ladder

You need to be popular and popularity comes from parties and it’s instant gratification.

How to stop wasting teen years and start living them

Do things that you don’t feel like you’re wasting your time, and that you’ll be grateful to have done when you’re 30.

Body Dysmorphia and Self Esteem

  • Body dysmorphia is not related to exercise, lifestyle or genetics, but to a mental problem that you need to eliminate and it is your negative thoughts.
  • Self-esteem is based on impressing yourself in something you thought you couldn’t do but did. What you can do is to set fun challenges for yourself and do them, which can be related to your life areas.

Social Calibration

Ask questions ideally when the person is not busy and not bored and seems to enjoy talking to you.

What to do between the ages of 16–21 to get a headstart in life

Don’t do what the cool guys at school do, because you’ll end up like them in a few years and regret it.

How to persuade your parents to buy you healthy food

Life skills for teenagers

  • Mindfulness (with meditation, self-awareness, etc.).
  • Gratitude (journaling, self-reflection, etc.)
  • Discipline (going to the gym consistently, etc.)
  • Willpower (Nofap, fasting, not eating junk food, etc.)
  • Sales (for business)

Fear of Missing Out

Whether it’s sex, bad habits (drugs, parties, and alcohol), or social experience, we always overestimate something we never get, and when we get there, we realize it wasn’t that great.

How to be the guy that people look up to

In class, you’ll be that student that everyone is counting on to copy because you have good grades. This takes discipline and it works for other things too.

How to find your purpose in life

Find your own path. By finding what your mind really wants, your goal now might be different from the one you have a year from now.

How to reinvent yourself to people who had seen you before, “first impression”

People’s perception of you will remain the same, even if you improve, because it is not realistic to have the first impression that you are now a successful man, when they previously saw you as a loser.

How can you create a good relationship with your parents and gain their respect

Respect from your parents comes when you achieve things, when you show results, or even when they see you working hard.

  • Your parents want what they think is right for you, not what is objectively best for you, which is to study hard, get into a good college and have a good career. But they will always respect that you are making money from your business or creating something that helps people.

Special message from Hamza



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