The Fruition of An Idea

For as long as I can remember, how I have been reading is to just read a book with the purpose to complete it. Before I could form my own thoughts on the book, I would have had my hands on another book on my reading list. It made me annoyed that I have spent a chunk of my time reading the book only to forget the lead protagonist’s second ex-crush’s name, for example. Forgetting most of the details a few days after reading the book made me lose the pleasure in reading over time.

I found out that the pleasure that I had enjoyed was the pleasure in finishing what I have started and so I decided to slow down and enjoy each chapter to double up on the pleasure. Each thought that I had while reading, I took time to park it in my head instead of brushing it aside. It was a slow process but over time, I realised that I could remember better. Remembering is a consequence of changing my habit: to not rush. I began to grasp with the fact that the aisles and aisles of books in the library would never completely be read so it is important to find a book that is worth my time.

So, if a book is not as interesting as you thought it was, dump it. The time it took you to travel to the library is a sunk cost and there is no point to try to finish the book. You can see it as a way for me to get back at the books for not allowing me to read all of them, all their hidden treasures. It’s not to say that you shouldn’t read a book from cover to cover like how we have been taught to do but time, is a finite resource and there is never just one way to read a book. You are better off using that time to read other books or do other things if the book is too boring. It is not a necessary reading. There should be no guilt to part with the book, just get moving along.

Recently, I have come across a way to further allow myself to remember what I’ve read and it is by joining a book club. It makes sense that the more one is involved in the book, getting in the mind of the author, in the shoes of the characters and understanding the themes, I would be able to remember the content better. So, what’s better than joining a book club? Well, creating my own club of course. It will be with the twist of reviewing the things that I have the privilege to use or come across. Like this article if you would like to see me have my one man review club!