The Internet Killed Meek Mill, Not Drake
Mike “DJ” Pizzo

I agree. Personally for me, I did not find Drake’s tracks to be insulting until I saw reoccurring articles, memes, tweets and statuses about it. It really intensified the effect and honestly many joined in targeting and demeaning Meek as if it was a Mean Girls convention. All-in-all, after days of speaking about this and sharing The Fader content (whom I intern under kind of in an awkward sense), I felt the need to push Meek down as well although this beef was NOT that serious. The social media community mad it serious, especially with the memes, and emasculated Meek’s whole stature and relationship with Nicki. I agree with your article and I know I was one of the thousands to partake in the shaming of Meek and I hope this just propels him to be great.

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