Lather Me in Your Dreams

I wake up at 8 AM to hit the snooze alarm on my phone and turn to see that he had departed. I outline where his head had rested with my fingertips and coyly smile. I reach over to my side table and grab my Bible to write in it. I always think to myself how beautifully written the Bible is. The words are strewn with passion, angst, lies and some pretty good lessons.

I question religion often. My life was engrained within Christianity but never did I take to it. I found too much hypocrisy in my mother’s actions and that of Christianity. It just didn’t seem to align. So despite not having too many religious ties other than my familial beliefs, I still pray from time-to-time. I don’t think it has anything to do with believing in God or maybe it does. I always recall Erykah Badu’s line from “On and On.” She croons in typical Badu manner, “If we were made in his image then call us by our names. Most intellects do not believe in God but they fear us just the same.” Do you think we should look at ourselves as sacred deities? Why don’t we view ourselves as Gods?

I push those thoughts outside of my head and my body out of this King-size bed. I rolled out my mat and set my hands on it as if I was worshipping my place. Dear yoga, you have become a staple in my space. Learning to be alone and one with self while increasing my health.

After freeing my body and mind, I fix the mat back into its original position. As I stroll through my room, I glance at the mirror to check my glow. Letting out a sigh of relief, I walk to the bathroom and slip out of my silk chiffon robe to enter the jacuzzi. Once I feel the mist hit my face, I slowly submerge my whole body into the water. I can firmly feel my curves being embraced by the warmth of the water and the silence of the morning. I grab my towel from the sidebar and tie it around my breasts upon my exit.

Image credit: Tumblr

Feeling rejuvenated and as light as a feather, I remove my towel, hang it up and extend my arms to lather some oil onto my body as I dream about the rest of my duties to fulfill. I lean forward and lightly stroke coconut oil onto my calves as well as my thighs, working my way up to my waist and curvaceous bosoms. I was feeling every ounce of my tender skin until I reached my collar bone.

I slip into my walk-in closet and happily browse through my wide selection of monochromatic and patterned pieces. I pick out this leather bomber designed by a close friend of mine, accompanied with a sheer black shirt and burgundy lace bralette. My bottoms are distressed denim shorts with chunky boots strapped to my knees.

Before I head out to meet the producers of this show, I light lavender incense so I can come back to a very feng-shui environment and crash on my bed. I grab my purse that hangs on the edge of my dresser’s door and get ready to hit the streets of Fairfax. I barely need to the check the weather since I moved to Los Angeles two years ago and that is probably one of the best perks of living here amongst many others.

To be continued…