Stop consuming so much!

I think people today spend a good chunk of their time CONSUMING. Look around you, someone’s on their phone consuming a video, a news feed, a Whatsapp conversation, an Instagram feed, something. We consume and just don’t have any idea when to stop, and that is pretty much what kills our creativity, patience and anything that would bring us closer to what we want to achieve in life, our personal relationships, our goals. These corporations have you exactly where they want you to be and you have no idea about it.

You see, social media websites make a good chunk of money off you scrolling through your news feed, they keep you engaged by showing you what you like based off your habits, they display ads, memes, jokes and food content to keep you thoroughly comfortable for those 5–10 minutes at a stretch. But 5–10 minutes every now and then throughout the day results in a massive waste of time and we barely realise it, because even as you read this article of mine, you are consuming.

Stop Consuming, Start Creating.

Now I am not asking you to start creating meme’s or build a company right away, it could be doing something on the internet that makes you create content rather than consume. If you are going to spend time on your phone, it might as well be for your work, rather than someone else’s, you’ve got to own every aspect of your life, right from the smallest bits, because they add up and it is the part we least focus on.

Write an article, learn how to edit a video on Final Cut, learn a thing or two about photoshop, practice on a live stock market website, create a website that provides information on something you love, it could be anything, but the second you start creating, you will be hooked, you will not look back and at the very least, you will have control of one of the small bits in your life.

Apart from this, we read motivational articles, videos, speeches and the list goes on and on, but where are you today? Has consuming so much made any difference to your life without you actually doing something?

You can read and talk about all the fitness articles on the internet and the latest diet, but that is definitely not going to make you an inch closer to reaching your fitness goals. 
You can read and talk about all the entrepreneurs creating this company and that company and living the life with chicks on yachts and making millions, that isn’t going to help you closer to your goal either.

Creating, is going to get you there. Not consuming.

Consume Less. Create More. Be Consistent.