Because I’m a Girl
Katie Burke

CPO — I guess means head of HR?

While I think its great that you defeated the naysayers, and proved them all wrong. Think about your article if you reversed the roles. Would you be so confident about the article? Sexism is just one of the constraint society puts on people — telling them to fail.

As CPO your role is to empower people, men are people too. I can honestly tell you sexism is a 2 way street. Some of those responses to you, while wrong, were probably based on past events in peoples lives. I feel sorry for these people, because they had to experience what you experienced at some point in time in their life, and they came worse off from the situation.

People get defensive to hide hurt. I am a strong believer that all people can be awesome. But we need to lift everyone off the floor the same way.

Congratulations. You beat your demons, now help others beat theirs. Don’t focus on the demons, and target ones you know. Help all.

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