Announcing Extraction: A New Serialized Story

More details below.

Extraction is a new story that I’ll be releasing here on Medium in weekly episodes beginning Monday, June 29 and every Monday after until the story is finished.

Here’s the synopsis:

When Bryant Summers walks across the stage at graduation, he can’t wait to marry Skylar Evans, his high school sweetheart, before the summer is over. But when tragedy strikes, the girl he’s always known as upbeat and optimistic begins to fade away until the ultimate heartbreak threatens to rip away their future together. Bryant struggles to understand the world he’s always relied on as he digs deep into secrets of life and death he was never meant to discover.

Extraction is a haunting supernatural thriller that wrestles with the deepest questions of life and death and the power of relationships. I hope you’ll take the journey with me. Watch out for the first episode of Extraction on Monday, June 29.

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In the meantime, please check out another story I recently had published on The Write Practice called “The Change.” “The Change” is a futuristic sci-fi thriller about a woman desperate to save the life of her unborn son. It recently won first place out of sixty stories in the Becoming Writer-Wordhaus Short Story Contest.

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Tom Farr is a blogger, storyteller, and screenwriter who teaches English Language Arts to high school students. He loves creating and spending time with his wife and three children. He blogs regularly about writing and storytelling at The Whisper Project.